Dictionary of COVID-19 Pandemic Termonology

Lexicographer Peter Kirchikov's latest publication examines the vocabulary of Covid-19, from repurposed language to entirely new usage and meaning. This historical work will become a reference for years to come as it documenmts the changing linguistic landscape brought about by the pandemic of 2020.

COVID-19 Pandemic Dictionary
By Peter K. Kirchikov

INTRODUCTION and Top Selections

Why did I decide to compile this book/dictionary related to COVID-19 Pandemic? I did not plan to write this book-- it was not on my short-term or long-term writing calendar. But this Covid-19 is a tragedy of horrific proportions that affected, as we know, many families and many countries. It derailed the national economy and suppressed many branches of industry and killed and paralyzed businesses and sectors of population. My response to this tragedy was my primary motivation to undertake this project and record the history for the posterity utilizing my talents. My primary goal was to record this historical and tragic pandemic through legal, medical, social, Internet and digital terminology as the tragedy unfolds.

I call COVID-19 Pandemic General Corona, because He has conquered more than 185 plus countries of the world.

I was impartial judge and recorder of this tragic history. I did not take political sides and was fair in my valuable job as a Law Lexicographer. I used sound and unbiased judgment serving the cause of recording all valuable and unique terminology and providing the best possible definition of every term and phrase. It is the job for the future posterity to judge my work.

Compassionate use -- 1.use of experimental drug outside of clinical trials allowed by FDA
2.not original and intended purpose of the drug, but for secondary use.E.g., Remdesivir, Chloroquine-last allegedly was used to treat malaria for many years.
3. new, unapproved drug for treatment of serious illness when no other drugs are available; drug that is being tested but approved by FDA.

Community spread occurs in people in USA who did not have any known contact with other people in China, South Korea.

Community transmission is when there is no clear source of the infection origin in a new community.

Endemic, -- disease that spread/expanded through one country and is characteristic of that region

Pandemic —an outbreak of a contagious, viral disease that spreads throughout a wide geographic area, even globally and affecting big portion of population\ Epidemic -sudden outbreak and spread of a disease affecting the big sector of population within the same country due to contagious disease or virus; also: “To flatten the curve-- to have Covid-19 stabilized, hopefully, under control Hazard pay, also called Extra Pay and Hero Pay is newly introduced allowance by employers to the Essential Workers at the Essential Services. E.g., healthcare front-line workers, first responders, grocery clerks. The pay is introduced due to the Covid 19 pandemic and potential exposure to it and hazardous conditions at workplace. Also: Essential Workers at the Essential Services

Herd Immunity”, also called Cpmmunity Immunity,-- occurs when a high percentage of community is immune to Covid-19 or viral disease through vaccination; resistance to spreading o contagious disease,f Covid-19 . Level of vaccination of the population to achieve Herd Immunity varies between 84 to 94%.

Patient Zero — first person/patient infected with Covid-19 during the epidemic

People’s Vaccine, also COVID19 vaccine — a call from leaders of 140 countries urging their health ministers to make the Covid 19 vaccine globally available when the vaccine is developed. Some leaders call to make the Covid19 vaccine available free.

PMIS-- Pediatric Multi-System Inflammatory Syndrome -- allegedly syndrome that is potentially and temporarily linked to Covid19, was found in seriously ill children in USA and England who showed the gastrointestinal symptoms and cardiac inflammation, Per pediatric experts, not all PMIS-affected children tested positive for Covid19. Per experts, Covid19 activates an inflammatory process in genetically succeptible children

PPP -- Paycheck Protection program- one of several federal government programs to combat the Covid-19 effects and to help small businesses given that those businesses retain or bring back their employees after unemployment; also: Covid-19 economic impact; stimulus package; Covid-19 stimulus; Covid-19 relief

Purchasing Consortium, interstate entity, was formed this May, 2020 by Governors of New York and six neighboring states / Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, New Jersey/ to buy medical equipment from USA-based companies, PPE, goggles, gloves, gowns, face masks. Its goal is to be independent and not to rely on manufacturers and suppliers from China.
Sourcing During Covid 19 is related to the USA Pharma companies efforts to develop potential Covid 19 vaccine, involving top “brain trust” and government entities to increase Covid 19 testing capabilities and keep PPE supply chain steady.

Special populations -- sectors of population especially sensitive to the hazardous substance due to age, sex, occupation or smoking. E.g, senior citizens, children, pregnant women

Suspension of Immigration into USA – executive order, signed by President D. trump on 4 21, 2020 due to Covid-19 pandemic

Super-spreader -- allegedly a very contagious person to spread infectious or contagious disease to uninfected people among his contacts

Wet Markets” -- China, Wohan Province- the private markets where owners bring live animals, live birds and without any hygiene rules observed, per customer’s request, this or that animal or bird can be slaughtered to be taken home by the customer which allegedly could spread a lot of virus, infection,bacteria, etc.
Allegedly the CVID-19 originated there either from human to human or animal to human or bird to human from the “wet markets”. Also: “Wet Markets” Several states: Missouri, Mississippi, now Alabam want to sue China for spreading the Covid-19 virus and withholding and hiding the information about the Covid-19.

Covid-19 and Force Majeure contract clause is related to the event, condition or situation beyond human control (acts of nature, wars, strikes, floods, etc.), that is why such events and disastrous weather conditions may make the Force Majeure contract clause impossible, impracticable and unenforceable. U. S. President's Declaration of the National Disaster due to COVID-19 pandemic in March, 2020, replicated by the States' Governors Disaster declaration is a factor in this context.

Also: Fortuitous Event; Cas Fortuit; Frustration;
Cf: Inevitable Accident.

Disclaimer: This Book " Peter Kirchikov's COVID-19 Pandemic Dictionary: From Medicine to Telemedicine and /To/ Mitigation By Peter K. Kirchikov, Dictionary, glossary, writings, compilations, its digital and computer versions, script/written, ebook, electronic piece and electronic/digital version are for information purposes only and does not imply or provide any type of advice: medical, legal, computer forensic, financial, etc. I am neither an attorney and nor medical doctor and prohibited by the federal, state and all other laws from giving legal or any type of advice. You should contact a legal practitioner for your specific needs. Views and opinions expressed in this Selection, Book, release, article, piece, script, electronic piece and electronic//digital versions, presentations are solely mine and do not reflect views, opinions and policies of any of my employers, past, present or future, or any other entity. Any references to companies, corporations, trademarks, registered marks, service marks, laws, law cites, names, entities, websites, etc. are for information purposes only and do not constitute any endorsements, approval or disapproval and I am not paid to promote anybody’s products, services or agendas. Names, places, entities, events, incidents in the book are referenced as they were normally used at the time of their existence or occurrence and reported in the media, public or legal community. Any coincidences in this book with the actual names, dates, events, biographies, characters, etc. and et al. are incidental, not intentional and not purposeful. Some names of actual persons have been changed to protect their identities. Peter Kirchikov.

Current terms, definitions, meanings and their explanations listed in this book “COVID-19 Pandemic/Dictionary” are for information purpose and are not considered to be exhaustive and all--inclusive and do not replace in any way or modify any and all definitions and meanings of the terms contained in the specific industry regulations, dictionaries and books , e.g., medical, legal, insurance, telecommunications, etc. which are controlling. Such terms and availability may vary from state to state and exclusions may apply.
I am not paid in any form by any company, entity or individual to promote any products, services or resources. Peter Kirchikov.

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